10 Vibrations 3 Rotations Prostate Massager with Remote Control
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10 Vibrations 3 Rotations Prostate Massager with Remote Control


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  • A multifunctional sex toy for anal pleasure, prostate massage, and perineal stimulation.
  • Small-to-large beads provide incredible stimulation when both inserting and pulling out.
  • The 10-frequency vibration stimulates your sexual desire, and the 3-frequency rotation easily makes prostate orgasm available.
  • Wireless remote control makes single-player games or couples games easier
  • Made with safe and non-toxic silicone material, enjoy your sex pleasure at ease.


10 Vibrations 3 Rotations Prostate Massager with Remote Control

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Explore extreme anal ecstasy with 4 gradual swells! Each bulb that pops in and out could easily turn you on! The rotating head is available in 3 different frequencies to pinpoint your prostate accurately and comfortably. Moreover, both the shaft and the widened base have strong vibrations in 10 modes. That is, the bent shaft will massage your P point, while the widened base will also buzz the perineum for incredible dual sensations! Because this ergonomically-designed plug is sturdy and never falls, carefree sex life is guaranteed. Now lie in bed, pop it in your sweet hole, and use the remote control to experience the incredible feeling of different functions. Don’t hesitate to take this anal plug home and enjoy different types of play in your room or bathroom. You’ll love it!

Please note: Using the lube for the best experience.


  • Product Name: 10 Vibrations 3 Rotations Prostate Massager with Remote Control
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 5.51*3.62″
  • Insertable Length: 4.33″
  • Weight: 0.44lb
  • Packing List: Anal PlugX1;Remote ControllerX1;Charging CableX1
  • Function: 10-frequency Vibration, 3-frequency Rotation
10 Vibrations 3 Rotations Prostate Massager with Remote Control

4 reviews for 10 Vibrations 3 Rotations Prostate Massager with Remote Control

  1. Lathon Gleghorn

    First, the practical details. The material is soft and smooth, it’s very easy to clean and use. The base is nice and rounded, so it’s comfortable to wear. The quality of the remote is amazing. Great range, responsive. The vibration is really strong and some of the settings are really interesting due to the multiple vibration motors. Some of them feel like the vibration travels up and down the toy. The box is really nice also, very discreet, I might even use the box to store the toy when it’s not in use, which is something I wouldn’t do with other products boxes. I tried it myself first because it arrived while my wife was at work and it was decent for me, but nothing spectacular. It hit the spot pretty well, and the strong vibration was nice, but that’s about it. When my wife got home and tried it though, WOAH! She put it in and as soon as I turned it on she gasped and started to squirm. It brought her over the edge before I even finished trying all the settings on her. Once we found her favorite setting, it just got even better. Any significant movement on her part brought her over the edge again, so naturally, I made her move around a bunch more. None of the other toys we have tried have ever had her as well satisfied as this one. The only thing that has ever satisfied her more then this toy is me, which this toy had her begging for. The most amazing part of all this was before trying it, she told me she was tired that day and wasn’t very in the mood, but she just wanted to try the new toy a little bit before bed, saying we could have more fun with it tomorrow. Once she realized how amazing it was for her, she changed her tune right away and let’s just say that bed time didn’t happen for a good while after that. When we were done, just talking about her experience got her squirming a little, even into the next morning. If you have a woman who is open to this kind of thing and you want to see her experience pleasure the likes of which you never thought possible from just a toy, get her this fantastic thing.

  2. Tomasz Leda

    Very good product and fast service!!!

  3. Christopher C Hamilton

    Feels good and the long distance works great

  4. Harold Nikkel

    Love it love the ease of use of the remote functions

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