6.85IB Lifelike Vagina Male Masturbators
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6.85IB Lifelike Vagina Male Masturbators


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6.85IB Lifelike Vagina Male Masturbators

This lifelike vagina is formed like a real woman’s butt, with an anal and vaginal canal, and amazing texture inside two holes that deliver various sensations. Both channels are based on a young virgin female, and the lifelike sex doll is quite stretchy! You may have pleasure with a real person thanks to the fantastic actual sound of spanking.

The lifelike vagina is composed of TPR material and has an extremely realistic hand sensation. Internal ribs and protruding nubs adorn this sexy vagina, which is deep enough to accommodate your cock. The textured anal channel is sensually built to offer you the enjoyment of anal sex with the least amount of effort! This lifelike vagina weighs only 3.40KG, making it neither too thick nor too hefty to carry. This lifelike sex doll may be effortlessly placed on a sofa, bed, or even the ground without having to hold it like a tube toy.

This lifelike vagina will wow you from the moment you put it in. Small particles in the canal create friction and provide a lot of pleasure.

This realistic vagina is completely waterproof, and you can easily clean it with warm water and mild soap. However, do not rinse with hot water, as this may harm the flexibility and longevity of the lifelike sex doll.

6.85IB Lifelike Vagina Male Masturbators
6.85IB Lifelike Vagina Male Masturbators

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