Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup
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Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup


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Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup
Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup
Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup
Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup
Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup

Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup


  • A high-tech masturbation experience is provided by a lens form with a feeling of science and technology.
  • Continuous sucking and 5-frequency thrusting+rotating can be combined as desired for increased enjoyment.
  • Long, silky, and thick spikes rubbed in all directions on your penis.
  • Removable design allows for simple access to thorough and sanitary cleaning.
  • USB charging, which may be used several times.


Enjoy the Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup and appreciate the delights that technology provides to pleasure seekers. Unscrew the lid to reveal what’s concealed under the lens. The entrance takes on an obvious vagina form, with a hole in the center showing the subtle charms from deeper. As you could anticipate, there are lengthy and soft spikes scattered deep in order to provide you with periods of friction stimulation from the genuine vagina, which will be considerably more powerful once the thrusting&rotating function is enabled. These spikes are alive!

Product size: 10.2 x 3.6”

Inner diameter: 1.8”

Weight: 1.42lb

Material: ABS+TPE

Package included:
1 x masturbation cup

1 x charging cable

Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup

34 reviews for Automatic Lens Thrusting Rotating Sucking Masturbation Cup

  1. patrickkeenan

    Electric masturbator with the glossy black finish and soft glowing lights it looks and feels like a very high tech piece of equipment. But at the same time the controls are very simple to use.

  2. Joseph Pelkey

    This toy is exciting! The look and feel of the shell are of high quality and great value for money! Using it alone or with a partner is like a whole new world! It also comes with an instruction manual and a charging cable for it! Its minimalist approach and even packaging are very good. I can hide it in a conspicuous place, no one would expect something in its box! With 5 different modes, you can experience different fun every time you use it! It also arrived quickly and in excellent condition! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to spice up and explore! As the holidays approach, this will be the perfect gift for a friend or partner. It is also easy to clean. I never thought that a simple toy could change my life! I can really wait to continue using it, is there any partner for me!

  3. darrellcook

    I got this to try out on my husband because well toys are FUN! It charged easily and after washing was ready for use. It literally does all the work for you. Like a robot blow job.

  4. rossgalle

    This cup is great! Soft bristles inside that will be pleasurable for all! Perfect selection of rotation and thrusting modes to keep the experience fresh and new everytime! Water based lubrication has worked great for me. Clean up is extremely easy! Use non fragrance soap, hot water, and any toy preserver spray. Great product! 10/10

  5. Howard

    Finally my husband doesn’t always need to come to me for some fun 😉 He loves every little thing about this toy!!!! “The different modes are amazing, the suction is unbelievable, and being able to finish with no effort is

  6. BA zevedo

    This item is amazing. It arrived on time in a really fancy discreet black box. It’s bigger than expected. Really cool product.

  7. Tom Walsh

    This is a spectacular product! Absolutely amazing delivery time, and it completely checks all of the boxes the product advertises. i may just buy another for a friend. 😉

  8. JKanchanapoomi

    Absolutely loved everything about it.

  9. Gordon Smith

    This product works, it’s easy to use and very pleasurable.

  10. Daveed wards

    Only used a few times and so far love it! Feels fantastic.

  11. Steve Miller

    Husband loves this. He finally has a toy that does all the work for him. He informed me he doesn’t last long with the right setting.

  12. John Louck

    This product is the best stroking machine ever ! Just a few minutes inside and you’ll see what I mean . And it doesn’t talk back ! I ordered the first one and liked it so much I bought a second one . The second one never worked , it wouldn’t turn on . So I ordered a third which didn’t work either . I got an email from the seller to see how I liked it and told them about what happened . They sent me a replacement for one of them and asked me what the problem was so they could respond to the product development department . Anyway , they refunded me for all three and will get an email when the product has been updated . Love the machine and the sellers help with all the problems . Excellent , safe , and fully supportive !

  13. Peter Machnik

    Boys, you need this. It’s incredible. For $60 every man in the world needs one of these. It might create world peace.

  14. Rancourt

    If you are wanting a solo toy or a toy to enjoy with your partner, look no further! This thing is amazing and takes it to the next level. I am quite a bit larger and took some maneuvering but got it over the head at which time it took me over the top. My husband and I didn’t have it on very long at all before we both were writhing in ecstasy. The retailer Beyond Clouds was very accommodating as well as expedient in their shipping. You should most definitely give it a try!

  15. Stephan David

    Muy bien producto, fácilmente el mejor entre la competencia. Fácil de usar y limpiar, es un poquito más grande de lo que necesita pero la sensación es genial

  16. Luis Medeiros

    5 star on 5 great toy Very good would recommend,Worked great

  17. Darvesh Singh

    This was wonderful worked perfectly

  18. jamesharrison

    This thing is nuts, pardon my pun. The only real down side is the charge to use ratio which can be a pain but then again this thing works its magic fast enough for it not to matter after the 1st charge.

  19. JackO’Dell

    Such a great product! Great Amazon seller I really think everyone should try it’s amazing

  20. Samuel Farrall

    This thing is fun! It feels amazing and works well and as described. It both thrusts and spins at great speeds and patterns. It’s easy to clean too. The charging takes forever tho but once it’s charged it goes for a long while. Heads up when it’s too low on battery it will turn itself off.

  21. duncanleithead

    This was my first *electric* sex toy, and I am honestly impressed. Although I am not a big fan of the gap between the tip of the toy and the part that moves up and down, I do highly enjoy the sensation of the lower half.

  22. Hercule Boucher

    All in all, its a great product. I recommend it!

  23. Jerry Laur

    Works great

  24. daniel barr

    Just as described.

  25. Rick Doney

    This machine out of the box only took two minutes to set it up. I would say to charge it up fully before the first use cause it won’t operate like its supposed to on low battery. Once its ready it took me only 15 minutes till i was done and probably shorter if i hadn’t turned on the lightening button that thing moves once that button is hit. I got to test a few of the modes the second time around and there not all great but some are damn good and then when you finish just a tug on the part that disconnects and cleaning it dry it and stick it back in. It is kinda big. Its taller them my xbox series x when standing up. Still worth the purchase.

  26. LOUIS Gillespie

    Felt great and made me cum quickly

  27. BrendanMcGhee

    Inside the device it has a nice fit with little tentacle – like feelers that are pleasant to the touch. The opening is also nice. You don’t even need to go all the way in if you don’t want to. There’s different stroke settings as well. Clean up is easy and you probably want to clean up the lube from it sooner than later. Makes it slightly tougher to clean with water if it sits over night and dries on it. No complaints!

  28. russellhalsema

    After having had a few smaller male masturbators, I decided to buy this stroker which seemed bigger.

  29. Tim Doyle

    The device has a nice feel. There’s different stroke settings and the unit comes apart easy making it easy to clean up. Make sure you clean up sooner rather than later because if you let the lube dry it just makes it more difficult to clean. The unit is a little bigger than I though it would be, other than that it is great. Definitely recommend.

  30. sylviasawyer

    While taking it out of the discreet packaging, I was very eager to try it out. This is brilliant, just apply your desired amount of lube and crack on. This feels great on my shaft and is big enough for me, use plenty of lube and this feels relatively realistic and provides a Really good finish – I like that the adjustable thrusting motion acts as a cum catcher. The soft sleeve is very easy to clean up. Just remove the insert and run water through, use wipes to clean the plastic tube and leave to air dry. Fun to use by yourself or with your other half using it on you.

  31. sylviasawyer

    The product was wonderful! It met my expectations and some. The 10 different modes are amazing so it can meet all the different types of men’s needs and wants. Very easy to clean. Excellent product!

  32. Ryan Peterson

    This is definitely an upgrade from using my hand, I barely last two minutes with this outstanding automatic male masturbator cup! Lube is definitely needed.

  33. kennethwrenn sr

    This product honestly makes playing with yourself very fun! The different speeds and motions are great to switch things up and it works wonderfully! Very easy to clean as well, and holds its charge for quite a while it seems. Definitely would recommend, my partner loves being in control of changing the settings and drives me cucu

  34. stephenbestwick

    In terms of male masturbator cups, I would say this is in the top 3 of the whole range. The quality of the product is excellent, nice feeling plastic case and internal sleeve feels lovely. The varying textures in the canal really add a great variety to this toy. Allowing you to focus on a particular sensation, or flowing through the full length, enjoying the different texture zones.

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