Bestvibe 3 IN 1 Thrusting Future Machina Masturbator Cup
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Bestvibe 3 IN 1 Thrusting Future Machina Masturbator Cup


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  • 4 thrusting with strong power brings an unprecedented orgasm experience.
  • 42℃ heating for warm & all-round wrapping.
  • Magnets under the channel for easy removal and installation.
  • Medical grade TPE material, soft and skin-friendly.
  • UBS rechargeable & IPX waterproof for diffrent ways of play.


Bestvibe 3 IN 1 Thrusting Future Machina Masturbator Cup

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  • Features: 4 thrusting & 42℃ heating & one-click climax
  • Material: TPE
  • Waterproof: IPX6
  • Brand: Bestvibe
  • Function: 4 thrusting & 42℃ heating & one-click climax
  • Product Name: Bestvibe 3 IN 1 Thrusting Future Machina Masturbator Cup
  • Charging Time: 120mins
  • Run Time: 60mins
  • Power Type: USB rechargeable
  • Color: white & red

Operation Manual

  • Long press [power button] 2 seconds to turn ON/OFF.
  • Short press [power button] to switch mode.
  • To avoid excessive friction caused by uncomfortable and injury, please add lubricants inside the inside before using them.

Charging Management

Battery Low: Red indicator flashed, needs recharging.

Charge process: The indicator turns red.

Fully charged: The indicator turns blue.

Dismounting instructions

Disassemble the inner: Pinch one side of the inner and pull it out.

Assemble the inner: Push the inner from one side, pull it out from the other side, and adjust the outer circular groove of the inner to be sleeved on the sliding ring.

Maintenance of Automatic Sucking Male Masturbation Cup

  1. Rinse and dry with water or cleaning solution before and after use.
  2. Do not turn on the power supply when cleaning.
  3. Do not soak and avoid heavy pressure.
  4. Store the product in a cool and dry place. Do not store the product near a fire or high temperature.


  1. Adults only.
  2. Please do not decompose, repair, and transform the product.
  3. Please do not put the product in damp, dusty, and with much lampblack areas.
  4. The water and object can not enter inside the product.
  5. Do not use excessive lubricating oil to avoid flowing into the product.
  6. Unplug discarded the product, the battery must be removed. Power must be cut off before the battery is removed. Battery should be disposed of safely.
Bestvibe 3 IN 1 Thrusting Future Machina Masturbator Cup
Bestvibe 3 IN 1 Thrusting Future Machina Masturbator Cup

5 reviews for Bestvibe 3 IN 1 Thrusting Future Machina Masturbator Cup

  1. Luis Angulo

    This thing cleans up in seconds and sucks better than my girlfriend, what’s not to love?

  2. Jamie Swan

    This has all the sucking and thrusting that you want, AND you can take off the cover, and WATCH IT MOVE!! Or maybe watch ‘you’ move is a better way of explaining it. Definitely all the intensity you’ll need!

  3. Ricky Wynne

    The thrusting on this is amazing. There are lots of vibrating modes. Pretty easy to clean, just take the insert out.

  4. Ryan Maron

    I’ve had an object like this before but none long enough to take mine to the base. This machine is so strong and the stroking the best I’ve ever used in my life.

  5. Jack Krimmel

    This Device is Awesome! It feels like well engineered. The big size has been great for my needs. Better than others I have gotten. Stroking and ability to control it with button is cool.

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