Coco - Automatic Masturbator with Rubbing, Vibration & 2 Heating Levels
Coco – Automatic Masturbator with Rubbing, Vibration & 2 Heating Levels
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Coco – Automatic Masturbator with Rubbing, Vibration & 2 Heating Levels


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Coco is a combination of state-of-the-art straight tube technology and unparalleled dynamic friction rub action. Designed for the modern man, it is a blend of power and precision for an addictive rush. For the ultimate in sensory satisfaction, experience the wave of its up and down motion. Sleek design meets explosive performance. It’s a symphony of stimulation that promises an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Where sleek, straight-tube design meets the vitality of energetic strokes, dive into the heart of innovation with this device. It promises a flood of intense pleasure, designed to awaken your deepest desires through precisely crafted, pulsating motion. Coco lets you enter a world of exhilarating pulsing. Take the rhythm, take the power.

Discover sensory perfection with our breakthrough product, which boasts a luxuriously soft interior meticulously decorated with densely packed, exciting textures that promise an unparalleled sensory experience. Submerge yourself in the true-to-life realism, where every touch triggers waves of incomparable pleasure, taking you into realms of unknown ecstasy and pure fascination.

Get ready for a journey of unparalleled pleasure with our innovative straight-jet electric masturbator, featuring a channel with triangular bulges. Precision-engineered and designed for maximum stimulation, it offers a dense, irregular pattern of friction that perfectly conforms to the curves of your body. With every thrust, you are guaranteed a natural, deeply satisfying experience.

MaterialMedical Silicone
Size10.19*3.5*3.46 inch
Durable Fortress
Adaptive Stimulation
Rubbing Wave
Detach ‘n’ Rinse


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