Fantasy Bent-over Bubble Butt Mega Stroker – 18 lb
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Fantasy Bent-over Bubble Butt Mega Stroker – 18 lb


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Fantasy Bent-over Bubble Butt Mega Stroker – 18 lb

Flashing a tight soft-lipped pussy and tight pucker outside and two separate, massively stimulating textures inside, the bent-over Bubble Butt can be held in your hands, on your lap, or propped between pillows. Grab and squeeze the plump butt cheeks as tight as you want to take full advantage of inner canals designed to feel just like pussy or butt sex. A close ended shape naturally builds up suction with every thrust and contains the aftermath of the big finish.

Fantasy Bent-over Bubble Butt Masturbator Specs/Benefits: 

Size: Measures approx. 11.5″ in length, 9.75″ in width and 3.5 in in height.

Material: TPR

Weight: 16.5lbs

Weight: Just under 7lbs

Offers the visual and sexual experience of doggy style sex

Men can penetrate either the vaginal or anal opening

Both openings have ribbed tunnels for intense shaft stimulation

Men can place their hands on the realistic ass for greater pleasure

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Fantasy Bent-over Bubble Butt Mega Stroker – 18 lb
Fantasy Bent-over Bubble Butt Mega Stroker – 18 lb

7 reviews for Fantasy Bent-over Bubble Butt Mega Stroker – 18 lb

  1. Joseph Standley

    Came in discreet packaging and is high quality product at a good price. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

  2. Charles Green

    This thing has been really fun but has had an a amazing unexpected side affect of making my member increase in size I think I has something to do with how it massages the vessels. Either way it’s amazing and I def recommend

  3. Matthew Leber

    Great product definitely worth the money. Make sure not to place on rugs or dirty/dusty places because what ever gets on there is going to be really hard to get off! JUST FYI

  4. Alexander Funk

    Perfect size I personally would not go smaller or larger. Smaller would take away from the experience, and larger would be more difficult to clean. Cleaning is a whole process of several hours. Most of which is drying. I do recommend you rig up something using 1/4” pex in order to clean out the interior. As well as acquire several drying rods as this will speed up the process. I also strongly recommend adult toy cleaner. The exterior of this item feels nice with good textural detail. However, the paint on the front entryway rubbed off after the first use. As for the interior, It does feel nice. Although, I wouldn’t say it’s extremely realistic. However, it does get the job done and it does it well. If you are looking to acquire an item of this particular variety, this is definitely a good choice. I’m sure there are better ones out there. But for what I paid for it ($69.99) it’s worth it. Overall, if you are looking into this sort of thing, this is a good starting point. It doesn’t beat the real thing but it is cheaper.

  5. Aladdin Bushrui

    Amazing product would buy again and highly recommended.

  6. Thomas Nicholson

    The product is well made giving it a realistic feeling 10/10 must try 🙂

  7. EVERARD Durgadin

    I went into this not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. This toy has two impressive channels that will stimulate your member like the real deal. It has some good weight to it and it has a higher quality feel than other toys out there. The only problem I noticed was that for someone larger like me, the anal hole didn’t accommodate me well. DISCLAIMER: Lube or lotion will definitely be needed for this toy unless you want to serious hurt yourself

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