Handsfree Masturbator | Thrusting Sex Toy Vibrating Cup
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Handsfree Masturbator | Thrusting Sex Toy Vibrating Cup


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For both beginners and experienced, handsfree masturbator is a good choice to enjoy wonderful masturbation. Most automatic strokers need to be held in their hands to control, but this EZSEXTOY handsfree masturbator has multiple usages, it can be mounted to any smooth surface to free your hands, or it can be used separately by holding in hand.Handsfree Masturbator | Thrusting Sex Toy Vibrating Cup

Other Features:

Handsfree Masturbator | Thrusting Sex Toy Vibrating Cup

Superior Material & 3D Texture – This handsfree masturbator is made from superior food-grade silicone, with a realistic 3D texture sleeve, you can feel it super soft, smooth and like a real vagina.

Multiple thrusting modes – This handsfree masturbator is function-based on the basic function of a man’s masturbation cup vibration, while it also allows your glans and penis to experience deep throat sexual pleasure and multiple different strong thrusting modes at the same time. This stimulating and wonderful feeling is hard to reach with human hands, SIMU’s handsfree masturbator allows you to enjoy the pleasure of solo play.

Ergonomic Design – The outer wall design of this handsfree masturbator conforms to ergonomic design, as well as non-slip texture design, simple and comfortable shape is convenient to hold, and the frosted shell provides a good feel, allowing you to devote yourself to this high-grade oral sex and vaginal enjoyment.

USB Charging – This handsfree masturbator is USB rechargeable, simple and convenient, you can charge anytime, anywhere, without worrying about battery problems. So it’s quite easy to take it anywhere you like.

Sexy Female Voice – This handsfree masturbator is specially featured in 3 different girls’ moaning. The faster you thrust in, the louder her voice. It is feeling like different women are giving you oral sex, moaning, and enjoying under you.

Discreet Packaging – All of our sex toys including this handsfree masturbator will be packed in a discreet box to protect your privacy. Please feel free to contact us, we promise to offer perfect after-sale service.

Handsfree Masturbator | Thrusting Sex Toy Vibrating Cup
Handsfree Masturbator | Thrusting Sex Toy Vibrating Cup

5 reviews for Handsfree Masturbator | Thrusting Sex Toy Vibrating Cup

  1. Hans-Peter Schmied

    Great product. Seems like it can go on for ever! Great when you’re alone and want to let the climax never stop! Awesome product.

  2. Daniel Williams

    This is well made, a really tight as far as diameter, about 1 1/2″, but will stretch to about 2″ it seems like depth is close to 5 1/2″. The motor seems strong enough, and it is not as loud as I expected. The voice in this machine sounds American to me and a very sexy voice at that. I don’t care about to voice anyway since I only got this because my wife has a medical problem and will be back in shape in a few months. but she promised me that she will participate. The other video and pics on here cover this better than I could so I am not putting any up myself.

  3. Bruce Brauneis

    5 out of 5 stars Feels amazing! A powerful suction literally had 3 orgasms back to back! Best toy I’ve had in awhile!

  4. Ralf-Torsten Pohl

    Wow this toy is awesome!! Feels good almost like the real thing . I really like it and you should try it aswell for some great pleasure.

  5. James McLean

    Love the automatic function, takes a lot of the work away from doing it manually. My new favorite toy for sure !

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