Julia: 7.7lb Supine Real-Feel Youth Realistic Buttock
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Julia: 7.7lb Supine Real-Feel Youth Realistic Buttock


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Julia: 7.7lb Supine Real-Feel Youth Realistic Buttock
Julia: 7.7lb Supine Real-Feel Youth Realistic Buttock
Julia: 7.7lb Supine Real-Feel Youth Realistic Buttock


Julia: 7.7lb Supine Real-Feel Youth Realistic Buttock

Hot Julia is designed for satisfying your desires.Her plump ass exists in a supine position, with a very high degree of simulation of the private parts’ skin texture. The inner walls of the vagina and anus are all covered with threads, raised hills, and thorns, which bring you a progressive accumulation of pleasure.Moreover, she is completely waterproof. In other words, you are allowed to enjoy the bathtub game, just like having a wonderful couple-bathing with your sexy lover.

Features: Julia: 7.7lb Supine Real-Feel Youth Realistic Buttock

• Lifelike plump hips in supine position: shows unparalleled visual temptation for you and you can explore the sweetness of missionary style and doggy style with sexy Julia.

• 2 tight holes: perfectly imitate your girlfriend, dispelling loneliness and providing doule choices to seek the peak of sex. 

• Realistic internal 3D structure: perfectly wrap around your big cock and massage your dick in all directions giving unusual sexual stimulation. 

•  TPE material and 100% waterproof: Soft and cute Julia can seduce and flirt you crazily in water games to experience sexual pleasure.

Cleaning Steps: 

  • Step 1: Apply cotton swab with warm water and antibacterial soap. 
  • Step 2: Use this swab to clean the hole. Use the pliers to insert the sponge into the hole until clean. 
  • You can dispose of this swab and repeat step1 and 2, twice. 
  • Step 3: After two wipes, insert another dry sponge to remove excess soap or water. 
  • Step 4: After drying, you can apply talcum powder to the outside of the orifice.
  •  Except to cleaning the orifice after each use, we recommend washing the doll’s body in the tub with soap every 14 days.

Sex Doll Maintenance:

  • Avoid dressing the doll in super tight or easily faded clothes. 
  • Avoid contacting with sharp objects. 
  • Be careful of drying and direct sunlight. Keep the doll in lying position. 
  • To avoid dust accumulation on the doll, keep the doll in a specified boxor cabinet best.
  • Abstain from sharing your doll with other people, to prevent spreading of disease.
Julia: 7.7lb Supine Real-Feel Youth Realistic Buttock Julia: 7.7lb Supine Real-Feel Youth Realistic Buttock

3 reviews for Julia: 7.7lb Supine Real-Feel Youth Realistic Buttock


    Nice openings to use *Great for fantasy play

  2. RM den Haan

    First off this thing is very heavy, I was surprised how heavy it is but it’s not bad it just makes it more fun. it’s big and perky cheeks are fun to slap. very life like, comes with lube, cleaner, and revive powder to help keep it like new. fast shipping I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  3. Matthew Harris

    My girlfriend made me buy this because I have attention dick and she is tired of me always asking for anal sex. She’s only let me calendar in the ass one time after he took a couple percocet. I took advantage of it and really buried it as deep and hard as I could. She had two orgasms too. She didn’t know she could have an orgasm from anal sex. She said it was even better the orgasm she had during regular sex. So I made her by the biggest vibrating anal butt plug I can find on here. And she loves it. She even uses it when I’m not home. She uses it almost nightly. The day before yesterday she wore it for 3 hours. Both of the toys are really helped. Good doll kind of makes it seem like we’re having a threesome and my girlfriend likes to get involved and let me finish on her tongue. The toy feels fantastic. And clean up is easy because there’s no mess. Just a little lube. Most of the time her spitful do just fine. She makes sure I stay wet and she waits on her knees patiently nearby so I don’t have to go far when I get close. And she said it turns around to watch me pounding the hell out of the doll. Now she can deepthroate, loves to swallow, and is actually asking me if I want to put it in her ass for a change. And I can finally bury it balls deep in her ass without her begging me to stop or whimpering while iim pumping in and out of her tight asshole. She at least two orgasms every time now and can even be on top during anal sex. Thanks SO MUCH!

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