P-Spot Explorer – Male G-Spot Thrusting Vibrating Prostate Massager & Anal Plug
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P-Spot Explorer – Male G-Spot Thrusting Vibrating Prostate Massager & Anal Plug


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1. Unleash the power of mind-blowing multiple orgasms
2. Propel your pleasure to new distances with enhanced semen release
3. Experience intense emotional satisfaction like never before
4. Effortless clean-up with premium, sealed silicone material
5. Achieve rock-hard, long-lasting erections for ultimate satisfaction
6. Delight in electrifying whole body muscle contractions for a full sensory experience

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Key Features

∙ Multi-Function: Use as Prostate Massager & Anal Plug
∙ Vibrating Balls Teaser
∙ 10 Thrusting Patterns with 1cm Thrust
∙ 10 Vibrating Levels
∙ Double Motor
∙ Multi-point Stimulation
∙ Remote Controlled
∙ Textured Sensation Design
∙ IPX7 Waterproof
∙ USB Rechargeable

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Discover Sensations You Can’t Achieve by Hand

The P-Spot Explorer is a revolutionary male G-spot thrusting vibrating prostate massager and anal plug that offers multi-functionality for unbeatable performance. This fully silicone stimulator uses the latest micro-motor technology to provide giant Hitachi-wand level vibration, which can be easily controlled with the remote. Say goodbye to awkward fumbling, thanks to the remote-controlled operation that allows you to access all 10 thrusting patterns and 10 vibrating levels with ease.

Designed with a textured sensation design and multiple pivot points, the P-Spot Explorer conforms to your unique anatomy comfortably and stays in place until you finish playing. Plus, the vibrating balls teaser offers added stimulation for an orgasmic experience you won’t forget.

This premium stimulator is IPX7 waterproof and USB rechargeable, making it easy to use and clean. With its lightweight ergonomic design, easy operation, and effortless cleaning, the P-Spot Explorer is the perfect toy to explore new realms of pleasure and unlock new sensations that you never thought possible.

Just lube up and glide the P-Spot Explorer into place, paying special attention to use the connected penis ring and balls separator. You’ll love the new level of orgasmic intensity you’ll experience, and with its remote-controlled operation, you can take your sexual experiences to the next level without any awkward fumbling. Get your hands on the P-Spot Explorer today and experience the ultimate in pleasure and satisfaction. Don’t forget to add a lube and cleaner to your order for the ultimate convenience.

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Soft Premium Material

∙ Rich Texture for Enhanced Sensations
∙ Body-safe Medical-grade Silicone
∙ Soft Life-like Material

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Easy Operation & Effortless Cleaning

∙ Remote Controlled For The Ultimate Convenience & Comfort
∙ Lightweight Ergonomic Design
∙ Easy to Clean
∙ 100% IPX7 Waterproof
∙ Ultra Quiet & Discreet – Under 30dB Noise Level
∙ 120 Minutes Usage Time

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