Rum Bottle-Like Manual Masturbator Cup
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Rum Bottle-Like Manual Masturbator Cup


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Camouflaged in the shape of a rum bottle.
Realistic meaty pussy, authentic visual experience.
TPE sleeve is super soft and stretchable, allowing for the most comfortable solo playing.
Inside is heavily textured, making it an excellent tool for hand placement.
A removable sleeve makes it simple to rinse off for hygienic pleasure.

Rum Bottle-Like Manual Masturbator Cup


This wine bottle appears to meet the fetish ideal of certain sex seekers while also injecting new components into the lonely time. Because it is shaped like a rum bottle, it deserves to be a member of the wine rack and not be treated differently. In other words, it may be completely concealed to protect personal privacy. Being able to wake up your libido is something completely new and exciting. Furthermore, a mature woman’s lovely pussy, plump and enticing, is exhibited at the passage’s entrance. The rich and promising interior structure makes a significant difference in assisting you with the task at hand. T

Product size: 9.84 x 3.14 x 1.45”

Insetable length: 6.69”

Weight: 1.21 lb

Material: ABS+TPE

Package included:
1 x masturbator cup

Rum Bottle-Like Manual Masturbator Cup

Rum Bottle-Like Manual Masturbator Cup


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