Trouvaille Banana Cleaner(gift a suction cup)
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Trouvaille Banana Cleaner(gift a suction cup)


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Trouvaille banana cleaner is a sex toy integrating exercise and masturbation. Unique structural design, can choose to massage different areas of penis. While exercising, it also brings wonderful pleasure. One device can be used in two ways. The transparent ultra-short soft rubber design can make penis penetrate through the soft rubber, resulting in a sense of insertion and breakthrough. The ultra-short soft rubber produces greater pressure and doubles the massage pleasure. Sharp sharp-angled protrusions and rounded particles bring thrilling touch. Cut in and out, reduce sensitivity and improve combat index.
Adopt strong magnetic motor, match with metal gear reducer, provide continuous power, keep pleasure surging, and the maximum thrust can reach 2kg. Electric expansion and hand vibration can find the best speed, strength and depth for you, and realize the perfect combination of manual and automatic, so that you can do whatever you want.

  • Adjustable bracket, free hands to do more important things, and play tricks at will. Exercise freely on the floor; By the wall, burning passion; Fly yourself on the table. Enjoy happiness on any occasion.
  • 6-frequency telescopic combination mode, exercise is more interesting, from weak to strong, manual and automatic, all controlled by you, adjusted to the frequency suitable for you, exercise your penis and enjoy the happiness it brings.Carefully put in 6 telescopic speeds to provide effective massage and promote blood circulation. Through subtle speed changes, imperceptibly reduce sensitivity and enhance endurance.
  • High-capacity lithium battery fast charging technology, charging for 120 minutes and enjoying 180 minutes without interruption, burning with passion and pleasure
  • The maximum noise of the silent design can’t even resist your moaning, which is waterproof and easy to clean. It is very convenient to disassemble and install the casing in seconds.

Now, we have introduced the latest upgraded Trouvaille II, adding a chip and setting the sound function. Unlike trouvaille banana cleaner’s double-opening design, sleeves massage the whole penis in and out. TrouvailleII is a half-open sleeve, wrapping and massaging the glans, which brings a real oral sex feeling.


Name: trouvaille banana cleaner
Material: ABS+TPE
Color: white
Dimensions 260mm*62mm*84mm, connecting bracket bottom diameter 38 mm.
Weight; 365g

Product List

Trouvaille Banana Cleaner*1
Charging line *1
Suction cup bracket *1
Instructions *1

Trouvaille Banana Cleaner
Trouvaille Banana Cleaner
Trouvaille Banana Cleaner
Trouvaille Banana Cleaner
Trouvaille Banana Cleaner

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4 reviews for Trouvaille Banana Cleaner(gift a suction cup)

  1. Brian Sienkowski

    excited to try out

  2. Steve Eiserling

    One of the most pleasurable toys I’ve purchased!

  3. Ryan Weisse

    Intense sensation

  4. Keith Boyer

    This Toy is nice. It feels awesome. Automatic stroke, Good suction, easy to clean and it’s close to better than the real thing.

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