Typhoon – Auto Telescopic Rotation Male Masturbation Cup With Dual Vibration
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Typhoon – Auto Telescopic Rotation Male Masturbation Cup With Dual Vibration


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Typhoon is the world’s first device that is able to rotates, thrusts and vibrates at the same time.

The vibration is very important in a masturbator. Rotation and thrusting provide extra pleasures. In order to make it omnipotent, our engineers spent more than 3 years to create this multiple function masturbator to help male get the max fun.


1. Adjustable tightness: Simply hold the sleeve to modify the grip.
2. Transparent design: The see-through material and alluring entrance offer a visually stimulating experience.
3. Multiple stimulation modes: With 7 thrusting and rotating frequencies and 9 intense vibrations, this device caters to every part of your penis.
4. Tongue-like protrusions: The interior features dense, flat protrusions that mimic the sensation of a teasing tongue.
5. Easy to clean: The detachable design allows for simple disassembly, installation, and washing with water.
6. Convenient and reusable: Operate with ease, and recharge using USB for multiple uses.


Size: 255*55*55mm
Weight: 0.800 kg
Material: Silicone

Package included:
1 x masturbation cup
1x stand
1 x user manual
1 x charging cable

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