Viotec Large Head 7 Vibration Wand Massager
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Viotec Large Head 7 Vibration Wand Massager


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Viotec Large Head 7 Vibration Wand Massager

[EXTREMELY LARGE HEAD] The nerves in the female genitals are the most sensitive. Massaging the labia can make you moist in addition to stimulating the clitoris and causing orgasm. Because the vulva area of a woman is quite big, it is difficult to excite little objects everywhere. This toy features a bigger head design, which expands the massaging area and makes orgasm simpler for ladies.

[SEVEN VIBRATION MODES] The massage frequency that makes the human body feel comfortable ranges from 75 to 100, and the vibration strength of many vibration toys is tough to please you. This sex toy‘s high vibrating frequency helps sex specialists to achieve orgasm swiftly. There are seven different vibration modes to select from. By swiping your finger over the touch screen, you may choose between five distinct vibration rates. There is also a climax button, which quickly increases the intensity of the vibration.

[EXTREMELY POWERFUL MASSAGER] The electric wand massager can provide you with a powerful vibration sensation. Can help you relax your entire body’s muscles and massage your neck, back, and legs. Relieving muscular discomfort allows you to relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest. After charging for 3 hours, the toy may be used for up to 10 hours. The toy has an IPX6 waterproof rating and the massager head can be cleaned underwater. Using a moist cloth, wipe off the handle.


  • Product Size:8.2″ in total length,2.1″ in width.
  • Product Weight: 1.34lb
  • Product Material: Liquid silicone

Package List: 

  • Includes wand massager×1,USB cable×1.
Viotec Large Head 7 Vibration Wand Massager
Viotec Large Head 7 Vibration Wand Massager
Viotec Large Head 7 Vibration Wand Massager

5 reviews for Viotec Large Head 7 Vibration Wand Massager

  1. joepecoraro

    Girl. Let me tell you something. My toes was curling I was biting my lip. This is worth that little $56 honey. Buy you one. You won’t regret it.

  2. Lawrence Moore

    Good price point, classic design, a liiiiiittle annoying to have to cycle through all the different settings to find the one that makes your kitty cat purr; BUT once you get it, it gets you there. Super easy clean up with just regular ol’ soap and water. Came with a little bag to help keep it discreet (bag feels cheap but I don’t care, and neither does anything else in my underwear drawer where this magic device is stored). Get it now, it’s making my quarantine a heck ton more tolerable just sayin’.

  3. Patrick Keitt

    Woah , woah, WOAH! Listen….. if you’re in these reviews trying to see if you should get it, look no further! This is IT! PERIOD. That’s all I have to say! You will NOT be disappointed at ALLL!

  4. denniswalker

    so i just got this today and i spent quite some time on it learning what it does and how high it can go. i’m very pleased to say that this is such a good price for something with so much added onto it. we have more than just a normal vibrator. in the picture above (2nd) is the buttons. bottom one is the power, second one is the modes and the third is how high or low you want those modes. i’ve had my fair share of toys and not to mention what they used to make it. better than your cold metal vibrator. i highly recommend.

  5. Kenneth Stuhr

    It was very effective in releasing the tension in my neck.

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