Warriors Series Thrusting Swirling Automatic Masturbation Cup
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Warriors Series Thrusting Swirling Automatic Masturbation Cup


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Warriors Series Thrusting Swirling Automatic Masturbation Cup

Warriors Series Thrusting Swirling Automatic Masturbation Cup
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Warriors Series Thrusting Swirling Automatic Masturbation Cup

Telescopic Rotation Masturbation Machine Soft TPE Detachable


TPE that is super soft, with a removable vaginal entrance and inside lining that is easy to clean and dry.
Tease your penis with the various tentacles on the interior wall of the masturbation cup. You have a choice of eight frequencies.
When you put on the headphones, you can hear the groans of ecstasy, which makes you even more intense.
The fashionable avant-garde look, strong ABS shell, and aircraft cup body design only enable you to grasp securely.


  • Optional Color: Black or White
  • Material: TPE+ABS
  • Power: USB Charging
  • Stretching Modes: 10 Frequency
  • IP Rating: Waterproof
  • Charge Time: 4.5 hours
  • Use Time: 1.5 hours

Package List:

  • 1* Masturbation Cup
    1* Charging Cable
  • 1* Earphone
    1* User Manual

11 reviews for Warriors Series Thrusting Swirling Automatic Masturbation Cup

  1. Mark Hellmann

    Amazing service and fast delivery as always! Received in the standard discreet packaging we’re used to.
    The toy is amazing quality, both the casing and sleeve feel to be made of high-quality material. The sleeve feels amazing. And as a first time make you user. I’ll never go back. A real must have!
    Cleaning is easy , as long as you have somewhere to let the sleeve air dry.

  2. Marc Pomerance

    Much better than this one in the photo that I tried first

  3. Roman Cazenave

    Bought this stocker about a month ago. It has really helped me last longer with my partner. Using this toy up until I’m about to burst then wait a little and repeat has amazed me in both the intenseness of my o but also how long I last.
    This thing feels fantastic, nice and tight, great textures , also easy to clean.

    I would highly recommend picking one of these up! I don’t know why anyone would regret it.

  4. Eric Frederick

    To any and all
    I am a skeptic. I’ve been lied to consistently by advertising masterminds and coerced into spending money better spent elsewhere. As far as pleasure devices go basic 20$-30$ was as far as I would go. I found that female prosthetics left an unfulfilled hunger. It was still the same self pleasure. I found fondlove and communicated with the pleasently helpful staff they suggested the warrior series automatic masturbator… And my life will never be the same. I haven’t had this much fun since I figured out how to masturbate. The simplicity of this device equals efficiency. I lube my erect member insert within and hold on for dear life as it massages and teases. I once found pride in my ability to hold out. This machine takes me back to the days I lost my virginity. And if one should dare to leave it attached moaning is inevitable. The only issue would be the sound, but if you can watch porn without headphones you’re good.

  5. Randy nance

    First toy I bought that feels anything close to real. Very happy with it. Just make sure you use a lot of lube and that you are “fully excited” before using.

  6. Troy Smith

    This product is the best stroking machine ever ! Just a few minutes inside and you’ll see what I mean . And it doesn’t talk back ! I ordered the first one and liked it so much I bought a second one . The second one never worked , it wouldn’t turn. So I ordered a third which didn’t work either . I got an email from the seller to see how I liked it and told them about what happened . They sent me a replacement for one of them and asked me what the problem was so they could respond to the product development department . Anyway , they refunded me for all three and will get an email when the product has been updated . Love the machine and the sellers help with all the problems . Excellent , safe , and fully supportive !

  7. Markus Fiek

    I really like this new toy. Its easy to clean, suction works fine better suction when you adjust your possitioning. Textures Feel amazing

  8. Keith McAlister

    This thing lemme tell ya, whether you’re looking for a quick session or you’re looking to increase your stamina this thing gets the job done and more.

  9. Trenton Munoz

    I have been wanting to buy a masturbator toy for some time now and buying this was definitely the beat decision I’ve made! The material is very soft and when paired with your favorite lube is irresistible. Once inside the twists and bumps really do make for some amazing sensations. Hands-down the best orgasm I’ve had by myself. If you are considering buying a toy of this type. I would seriously recommend purchasing it.

  10. kevin Coleman

    This is the first toy that I’ve purchased for myself. I was a little apprehensive and excited about trying it for the first time. I couldn’t help but try and see how it felt without any lube. I found it impossible to enter. Then with some lube applied to both surface I gave it a second go. The experience was good overall. Once I found a rhythm and let go it was a lot of fun and I certainly felt drained afterwards. I wouldn’t say it was a realistic texture but certainly very pleasure. Pros: it’s simple to use and fairly simple to clean.

  11. Chris Kenner

    This product was amazing, I’ve had many male masturbators and this one is by far the best one I’ve had, I really recommend it because it strokes and vibrates while you just set back and relax.

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