Louie – 4 Suction Intensities High-Vacuum Air Pressure Electric Penis Pump
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Louie – 4 Suction Intensities High-Vacuum Air Pressure Electric Penis Pump


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About this item

  • 【Scientific Penis Enlargement】 Our penis pump utilizes a vacuum system to create a space that draws in the penis, allowing the corpus cavernosum to fill with blood and resulting in increased size and length. The pump includes a pressure release function for safer use.
  • 【4 Sucking Intensities】 With 4 adjustable sucking intensities, our penis enlargement pump offers different pressure levels to suit your needs. Choose your desired mode for effective penis training exercises. It is recommended to use the pump for no more than 30 minutes per session.
  • 【Clear Scale for Visible Progress】 The transparent tube of our penis erection training pump features a clear scale, allowing you to monitor and track your progress over time. Through repeated training, your penis will develop muscle memory and gradually increase in size.
  • 【Premium Materials】 Our stamina trainer pump is made of high-quality PC material, ensuring durability and resistance to pressure and falls. The flexible and enhanced silicone sleeve forms a secure seal, preventing it from being sucked into the tube during use.
  • 【Extra Pocket Vagina & Lube】 We provide a realistic silicone pocket pussy for added pleasure and enjoyment. The pump doubles as a male masturbator, enhancing your orgasmic experience. We also include a lubricant for optimal comfort.
  • 【Detachable for Easy Cleaning】 The tube and sleeve of the pump are easily detachable, allowing for convenient cleaning with water. Please note that the main engine should not be washed; it can be wiped clean.
  • 【Type-C USB Rechargeable】 Our erection extend pump is equipped with a Type-C USB rechargeable function. Easily charge your device using the included cable. Even if you misplace the original cable, you can use your Type-C phone charging cord.
  • 【Discreet Shipping】 We prioritize your privacy. Our warehouse repackages the adult product before shipping, ensuring that the label does not display any product information, securing your confidentiality.
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