Akira – Remote Control Prostate And Perineum Massager
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Akira – Remote Control Prostate And Perineum Massager


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Prostate Massager with multiple Ends Akira is a beautifully constructed prostate massager with multiple ends for maximum double stimulation. This prostate massager has a long end with a head that nods and wiggles onto your prostate with 7 selectable wiggling patterns. Don’t overlook the short end, either. While the long end works on your prostate, the ribbed short end pampers your perineum with 7 vibration levels that deliver the highs of dual stimulation!

Remote Control Prostate Massager Akira comes with a remote control with a 10-meter range, which adds additional pleasure and variety to the game. So take charge of your personal pleasure or include your partner in the fun by allowing them to take the reigns. The Akira is one of the greatest prostate massagers that you may use alone or with your significant other.

Waterproof & High-Quality Silicone
Discover the pleasures of water play. Bring this prostate massager with you to the shower, swimming pool, or beach for some anal pleasure. This massager is composed of body-safe, soft-touch silicone material that stimulates your pleasure areas intensely.


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