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According to studies, one of the advantages of experiencing orgasmic ecstasy every day is that it helps a person become more productive and focused at work. It relieves tension and sharpens the intellect, allowing you to think more clearly. More orgasms equals increased productivity!

You may now try it for yourself and discover what a climactic climax can do for you now that you know the secret. Who can say? It might be the key to your long-awaited promotion.

Allow our Remote Seduction Wireless Vibrating Panties to transport you to the next level of kinkiness anytime and wherever you choose. With the controller in your hand and the mini-bullet vibrator tucked into this panty’s pocket, all you need is the perfect oscillation mode setting to have the fun of your life!

During a busy day at the workplace, take a break. Turn on the vibrator and enjoy adjusting the frequency to your desired amount of titillation. This love machine guarantees quiet solo play because its mood is inaudible. It’s even more astounding because it’s rechargeable, allowing you to play with it all day. Because of its waterproof surface, you don’t have to worry about the vibe becoming saturated by your wet pussy for an extended period of time, allowing you to focus all of your energy and passion on doing something wicked.

The lace lingerie is incredibly soft and breathable, making it an undergarment must-have. Because the vibrator is made of ABS and silicone, you may be confident that nothing will go wrong while you operate your filthy little secret down there. These ingredients are not only healthy for your body, but they are also smooth and soft on your pussy’s sensitive skin.

Keep in mind that the underwear simply need a good handwash with warm water and light soap. Clean up the mood by strolling through its outskirts. Before storing them, make sure they are completely dry.


  1. Toby Cheramie

    My husband loved that I got this

  2. markcathey

    Can’t wait to get sum play time tease with this. Love that it’s rechargeable..

  3. Emiliano Celi

    good so far! it s really small so it might not hit the spot right away but after a bit of adjustment.. wow


    Me and my boyfriend wanted to try something new together and this is absolutely hands down the best! Took me by total surprise it shockingly gave me the best orgasm on every each speed, the lace is super comfy not itchy! Very cute tied up on the sides of your hips. The bullet doesn’t show through my Lululemons (yoga pants) or jeans it’s very hidden and comfortable. It’s got a hidden pouch in the panties, DEFINITELY would recommend absolutely love it!!

  5. Deighten Russell

    This works so well i would recommend, the product is strong and lasts long!

  6. Sean BPratz

    Super easy to set up! I love the different vibrating speeds and intensities. The panties it comes with are kinda simple but effective- you can also get away with sandwiching it between 2 panties.

  7. Jim Huskey

    This was a great product! I bought it and it came within a week which was great because it was for an upcoming anniversary. It was so much fun and gave going out a little bit more spice. My boyfriend loved it!!

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