Auto Stroker | Hands Free Male Automatic Masturbator
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Auto Stroker | Hands Free Male Automatic Masturbator


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Auto stroker is the best automatic masturbator for men on the market. It has 10 rotating modes and 10 thrusting modes, giving you a variety of options to help you enjoy the various stimulation. The auto stroker will move up and down your cock, stimulating you with every stroke. Built-in special convex granules, just the right friction will enhance your pleasure. With other dildo, vibrators, penis ring, pocket pussy, this male auto stroker is your another collection.Auto Stroker | Hands Free Male Automatic Masturbator

A detachable cup is the best advantage of this auto stroker, you can take out the inner sleeve and clean it completely. First, you need to unscrew the upper cover, then put your finger into the cup, grab the groove, pull out the entire inner cup, and finally clean the inner sleeve and dry it. Do not wash the whole cup underwater.Auto Stroker | Hands Free Male Automatic Masturbator

Made of Eco-friendly silicone material, this auto stroker is so soft but full of granules, giving you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation of your orgasm. And of course, using the right amount of lubricant can make it easier for you to get in, and it can also enhance the sense of pleasure.

Just like other ordinary male masturbators, this auto stroker is USB rechargeable, so there’s no need to change batteries, and you can charge it in a more convenient way.

All of our adult sex toys including this auto sroker will be delivered to you in discreet packaging, and we take your privacy very seriously. If you meet any problems with this auto stroker, or other after-sale services, please feel free to contact us.Auto Stroker | Hands Free Male Automatic Masturbator

Why choose this auto stroker?

Powered by a strong motor, this auto stroker provides 10 powerful thrusting and rotating modes for you to choose from, which help you to enjoy all kinds of stimulation.

Unlike an ordinary automatic masturbator that barely move up and down, the unique Thrusting and rotation mechanism puts a whole new spin on male masturbation.

The auto stroker has a realistic vagina for a tight feeling.Auto Stroker | Hands Free Male Automatic Masturbator

Soft Sleeve

The lifelike inner wall is convex with a convex structure, that will provide more intense stimulation.

The sleeve is enough soft to feel like a real body! It imitates the realistic touch of a woman’s vagina.

How to use this auto stroker?

Short press the 3rd on/off button, the light will be flashing, and press the on/off button again to turn on the thrusting & rotating function, a total of 10 Modes.

Once the thrusting & rotating function start, and Insert to enjoy it.

After turn on the product, short press the 1st button to strengthen thrusting speed, total 10 speeds, and short press the 2nd button to weaken thrusting speed.

Long press 3rd on/off button to turn off the product.

After turn on the product, press the 4th speaker button to turn on the voice function (an earphone should be used).

Auto Stroker | Hands Free Male Automatic Masturbator

Auto Stroker | Hands Free Male Automatic Masturbator

5 reviews for Auto Stroker | Hands Free Male Automatic Masturbator

  1. SamuelIserbyt

    In contrast to an actual woman, with a Pocket ANAL you get all of the pleasure with none of the hassle. The vent hole does make a slight whistling sound, so I suggest putting a cloth over it while in-use or as others have said, keep it between cushions, especially if you have roommates. But the vent-whistle sound is a small price to pay compared to a nagging sound that the real thing would make.

  2. Jamison Barfield

    Great feeling with a couple of modifications. First, the hole on the bottom of the silicone is way too small. It is only about 1/16″. Now while this adds suction (which in my opinion is not needed as the inside already feels great) it makes it much harder to clean and makes an odd air noise. I added a 1″ piece of 1/2″ diameter plastic straw to the bottom and that made it perfect. Second, the hole in the plastic holder is also too small and makes an annoying air sound. I cut that hole to about 3/4″ in diameter and now everything is perfect.

  3. Joe Brotman

    This is my first fleshlight, and I truly feel I got lucky. After purchase, I read several review articles that had this and one other model as the best of all the fleshlights. The plastic cup is solid, the inner sleeve is very satisfying and held in place wonderfully, adjusting the smaller end cap varies the degree of suction, and I have to tell you, I have a difficult time lasting long as it feels so good. The downside is cleaning. I did find a great website on how to clean it. I even bought 99% isopropyl alcohol and watered it down with distilled water (thank you high school chemistry teacher YouTube video for determining ratios) so I didn’t have to buy expensive cleaners. You have to be careful of mold. I use regular 100% cornstarch after it dries. I used a split hangar with sharp edges duct taped to hang dry the sleeve in my closet. I’m probably going to the pet store to buy an aquarium air pump and hose with holes poked in tube to quick dry the sleeve. So, after fun, clean-up not so fun. I did wait 1-2 days after fun to clean up, didn’t seem to cause issues. But if you want daily use, you need a better drying system than hang dry. Other wise cornstarch will be caked on rather than a light dusting.

  4. Peter Chapman

    Have tried smaller sleeves before, and i gotta say this is a world of difference. Something about having the full ahem…thing…covered by the sleeve and the suction effect is perfect when i want to spend a little more effort (takes a few mins to clean up) to get a much more satisfying experience. Girlfriend likes using it on me as well, and overall she says shes glad ive got a toy that matches the quality of her favorite toys.

  5. William Heath

    Great, beautiful. Felt like the real thing. Great to use on nights when u don’t feel like doing much. Does most of the work for you

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