Circle-Handle Gem Prostate Anal Plug
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Circle-Handle Gem Prostate Anal Plug


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Circle-Handle Gem Prostate Anal Plug


  • The enlarged tapering head with thin rod eliminates the sensation of a foreign body and is difficult to slip off.
  • The pull ring at the end allows for one-handed operation.
  • Prostate stimulation pleasure with a naturally inclined head.
  • A smooth insertion is ensured by the satiny surface.
  • Material is stainless steel, which is sturdy and has a long service life.


Another lovely item is offered for those of you who enjoy decorating your/your friend’s backdoor. Make your lover kneel on the bed, revealing the lovely hips and the little hole. Hook the ring with two fingers and carefully push it into the tight asshole as the tadpole anal plug is bent upward. The gleaming and flexible head glides smoothly through the entrance and straight to the prostate. Prepare for blissful delight once it hits the perfect zone. The stone shone brightly on the ring handle. What a perfect final touch! If you want more crazy prostate stimulation, simply shake the tab. Furthermore, because it is composed of stainless steel, it has a longer life.

Size of insertable part: 2.4 x 1”

Size of ring handle: 1.6 x 2.4”

Weight: 0.37 lb

Material: stainless steel

Package included:
1 x anal plug

Circle-Handle Gem Prostate Anal Plug
Circle-Handle Gem Prostate Anal Plug

1 review for Circle-Handle Gem Prostate Anal Plug

  1. Daniel Cronin

    This review is in two parts – the product and the customer service: The stainless steel butt plug solved two concerns. I have no fear of it breaking off and becoming lodged in an embarrassing position, and it’s build quality is excellent & highly thought out. The larger loop type end makes it easier to reach around my Rather large rear end for proper self insertion & removal. Shipping was prompt, and customer service exceeded my wildest expectations! It’s the absolute best, I have ever received from any company. They made me feel like part of their family. This is my sole “go to” adult store from now on. The whole experience was pleasant. I highly recommend them & this product to your attention.

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