Rocket Feeble Current Stimulation Anal Plug
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Rocket Feeble Current Stimulation Anal Plug


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Rocket Feeble Current Stimulation Anal Plug


  • Shape of a rocket, unusual look.
  • Four modes for an interesting experience, each stimulated by a little electric current.
  • Current pulses may be adjusted in speed, allowing you to experience them at your own leisure.
  • Smoothly penetrate without harming the delicate intimate parts due to the mirror-like surface.
  • With a 53.5-inch connecting connection, you may fully immerse yourself in the electric current without worrying about distance limitations.
  • Stainless steel material is non-toxic to the human body and has a long service life.


With the addition of electricity, you may bring new excitement to your solo or duet performances. You must not turn down an exciting voyage to new sexual heights as a seeker of profound physical pleasure. Simply insert the plaything into the selected holes and start a weak current to feel the exquisite pleasures ranging from tickling to muscular spasms. You have control over four different patterns of current pulses; you select which one to like. Furthermore, with the aid of the Speed-Adjusting button, you have complete control over the E-stimulation tempo. It may also service your gluttonous pussy in addition to operating as a backdoor. The ideal companion for self-entertainment!


  • Plug length: 5.3”
  • Length of connecting wire: 53.5″
  • Plug width: 0.98 x 1.1”
  • Weight: 0.33 lb
  • Material: stainless steel

Package included:

Rocket Feeble Current Stimulation Anal Plug
Rocket Feeble Current Stimulation Anal Plug

2 reviews for Rocket Feeble Current Stimulation Anal Plug

  1. Jerry Hulsey

    I can’t ignore the thought that I love the Jackpot more than my boyfriend! Kidding not kidding…we’ve been experimenting with different probes and anal toys for the past couple of months and we literally found the JACKPOT!

  2. Pierre Letourneau

    This looks a bit intimidating but is honestly amazing! A thin enough toy for beginners too and the option of vibration is obviously an added bonus. Definitely a hot toy to try!

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