Mouth Thruster
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Mouth Thruster


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10 vibration thrusting & 10 kissing biting modes mouth vibrator for an explosive orgasm

This unique mouth-vibrator is akin to having a mistress with a mouth who will not tire.

Feel the power of 10 thrust modes, each designed to take you to the edge of pleasure and back again.

The 10 kiss-bite modes stroke your vulva and clit so delicately it’s like being kissed and nibbled by the most skilled lovers. It’s not just electric, but overwhelming.

Simultaneously stimulating your clit and G-spot, it hits all those nerve endings and right points again and again, making you melt into a moment of pure bliss.

Key Features

Blended Orgasm: Get intense G-spot stimulation and more with 10 modes of thrusting and 10 modes of kissing and biting.

Vibration Thrusting: Experience the ultimate vaginal pleasure with 10 retraction thrusting modes.

Kissing Biting: 10 nibble modes deliver precise strokes to your vulva and clit.

Body-Safe Silicone: Enjoy a pleasurable experience with super soft, safe materials.

Magnetic charging: Hassle-free power to keep the passion alive.

Weights:0.51 lb
Special Features: 10 Vibrating & Thrusting Modes; 10 Biting Modes
Size:10 x 2.3 x 2.1 in
Power Source:Rechargeable
Run time:60 Minutes
Recharging:150 Minutes


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