Waterproof Prostate Massager Top Rated Prostate Toy
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Waterproof Prostate Massager Top Rated Prostate Toy


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  • Intelligent drive: Attack on the prostate directly, deep into the interior, precise drive, according to different prostate positions, so that you can come to the prostate pleasure quickly.
  • 11 frequency strong vibration: Different posture, experience different pleasure, vibrating prostate massager will cooperate with you all the time automatically. Frequency switching is easy and convenient.
  • Dual vibrations: Two-ways stimulation, strong power.
  • New upgrade: accurate positioning the pleasure point, 360° positioning of prostate massager.
  • Realistic glans: Fitting the acupoints accurately to relieve and stimulate, reflecting the diversified design concept.
  • Silicone material: Soft material, safe and harmless.
  • Shaping head and tail: Entering the front at 45 degrees, with good radian and precision


Prostate milking vibrator is waterproof toy that women really like. Smooth silicone p spot massager has no odor and harm for your body. Stimulation prostate adult toy is 11 vibration modes but low noise adult toy for women, men, couples. Unique design can stimulate the orgasm, clitoris, anus, etc. Electric prostate milking adult toy is USB charging silicone prostate vibrator, which is more easy to use.

Male prostate is as sensitive as the female g-spot. You can achieve desired pleasure by stimulating. However, everyone’s comfortable point and operating angle of prostate is different. The fixed angle appliance cannot stimulate the sensitive point every time, so a prostate massager with double motors and soft material design came into being.


Vibration11 vibration modes(Double motors vibration)
Noise<40 dbs, low noise
RechagingUSB Quickly Rechargeable, so that you can recharge anytime anywhere
MarerialSoft siliocone, no any harm to your body
TextureIt is stretchy, you can adjust the size as you will
ApplicationMale, female, gay, lesbian
Size154 X 125 X 34mm
Waterproof100% waterproof
Remote control distanceLess than 20m
Charging modeUSB cable
Controller Size50 x 40 mm
Battery400ma 3.7V
Package Include1 X Prostate massager, 1 X Remote controller, 1 X Charging wire

How to Experience Prostate Orgasm?

1. Empty the stool, skip it without explanation. People who are more in pursuit of hygiene will use the irrigator to clean the anus

2. Clean and disinfect the prostate massager

3. Apply some lubricating oil and moisten the anus and prostate masturbation toy with water-based lube, and then insert.

4. Position your body, lie on your side and curl your legs to your chest to relax your sphincter

5. Entering the backyard slowly and insert the massager into the backyard slowly in accordance with the internal curve. Do not use brute force

6. Contract the sphincter. Breathe slowly, contracting the sphincter when inhaling and relaxing the sphincter when exhaling

7. Massage the prostate for about 10 minutes, when prostatic fluid discharged from the urethra every time is good (if there is no discharge, do not have to), after the end of the massage, it is recommended to urinate immediately

8. Wash, dry and store in safe place. Wash with warm water or antibacterial soap


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